Non Woven card, specific for the processing of regenerated fibres for the forming of webs for the production of thermo-bonding wadding, geo-textile needled products and calendered products. The machine is composed of:
- Rollers feeding group or cradle feeding group
- Breast card group diameter 1000.
- Main carding group diameter 1800.
- Delivery group with double doffer diameter 1000 and diameter 900.
- Discharging groups with condensed webs or parallel webs .
Working widths from 2,0 mt. to 3,5 mt.
Max. hourly production 1500 Kg/h.
The card BSS can be equipped with several options:
- Electronic control of the weight mod. Bemamultiscale or Bemascale.
- Discharging system mod. COMBINED DELIVERY of condensed web, interchangeable with parallel web.
- Delivery system mod. SINGLE DOFFER, double doffer interchangeable with single doffer.
- Automatic suctioning system for card selvedges and flying fibres by filtering chamber mod. CFR.
- System for the fibre detaching from the carding
roller with fancy roll.


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