Air vertical former for the production of insulating products, thermo- and sound-proofing, deadening products for the building, furniture, automobile sector, etc.
Our former can feed an oven, a needling machine or a quilting machine.
The machine is composed :
- Upper part with double chamber in depression for the fibre distribution .
- Intermediate part with double feeding and fibre orientation with a specific spiked roller .
- Lower adjustable part for the forming and compacting of the fibre under pressure.
- Delivery part with conveyors with adjustable condensing roller Thickness of the product from 55 mm. to 200 mm.
Weight of the product from 400 gr/m2 to 5000 gr/m2
Max. hourly production 2500 Kg/h.
Working width from 2,0 mt. to 3,5 mt.


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